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We commonly stock a variety of used soil finishers and soil savers that are available for purchase or for rent. Brands of used soil finishers and used soil savers that can frequently be viewed in our inventory include Brillion, Bush Hog, Case IH, Glencoe, International, John Deere, Landoll, Sunflower, and Wil-Rich, among others.

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Soil Finishers/Soil Savers

Glencoe 4500 Soil Finisher

Glencoe Soil Finisher Model F555D, 12', 5-Bar Harrow.


Glencoe Soil Saver

Glencoe Soil Saver, 9 SHK, Rigid Shanks.


Glencoe Terra-Tamer Soil Finisher

Glencoe Terra-Tamer Soil Finisher, 24'.


John Deere 550 Mulch Master

JD 550 Mulch Master, 15', 9-SHK, Walking Tandems.


Sunflower 4211 Soil Saver

Sunflower 4211 Soil Saver, 9-SHK, Hyd. Adjust Front Gangs, ...


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